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Half Moon Bay.

IMG_7993 IMG_7999 IMG_8067There’s something about Half Moon Bay that makes it feel like it’s a completely different place. While it’s not too far away, it’s a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco. I wish it wasn’t freezing cold out, because I would have loved to spend more time walking along the shore. Maybe I’ll just have to drive back during the summer time.


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Lands End SF.

IMG_7553 IMG_7572 IMG_7573 IMG_7583 IMG_7587 IMG_7643 IMG_7660I don’t hike or exercise, but when I do I’m most likely at Land’s End in San Francisco. It’s become somewhat of a tradition now that my cousins, sister, mom, and I will walk this trail around Christmas time. It’s definitely not a difficult walk, which makes the view even more worth it. There are plenty of great places to view the Golden Gate Bridge, and I would have to say this is one of those places.


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Holidays at Disneyland

IMG_0334_2 IMG_0381 IMG_0451_2 IMG_0458The happiest place on Earth got a whole lot happier when I was able to take my family with me. There could be no better combination than Christmas lights and cousins spending two days at Disneyland. We got there when it opened, stayed until it closed, endured the long lines, watched World of Color in the cold, and it was all priceless.

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El Mercadito de Los Angeles.

IMG_9965IMG_9967_2IMG_9969_2If you ever visit Los Angeles know that there is a 100% guarantee of traffic. No matter where you are going or how you plan it, you’ll be parked on a freeway for hours. So rather than being trapped, my friend decided to take me to one of her favorite spots- El Mercadito de Los Angeles. Though I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the LA area, I’ve never come across this culturally rich environment. As soon as we walked out of the car and took our first steps into the market, I was reminded of the markets back in Barcelona. There was delicious food and authentic souvenirs. It’s a place I’ll definitely be visiting again.

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La Jolla.

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When all of plans go astray then why not explore, and explore is exactly what my friend and I did. We hopped in the car on a scorching hot “fall” San Diego day and drove to La Jolla. Though it’s less than a half hours drive away, La Jolla to us is a completely foreign territory. We roamed the streets, walked along the tide pools, laid out on the lawn, and enjoyed every minute of it. La Jolla I’ll definitely be back soon.