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Hawaii March 6th.

  This isn’t just a vacation or a chance for me to skip school; it’s me getting to return to a place that fills my heart with so much joy and happiness. As soon as I stepped off the plane it felt like I had never left. It seemed as if all those months of counting down had disappeared into […]

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Hawaii July 4th.

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday in Hawaii by far. It’s the day that I look forward to all summer. There’s something about watching fireworks on the beach that makes me feel like I’m in a movie. It doesn’t feel like real life, but then I pinch myself and I’m still awake. For me it is literally a jaw […]

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Hawaii July 3rd.

Hawaii is special, because they have more holidays than the mainland. There’s all the special Hawaiian holidays that give us an extra day off. Since all of the interns had a day off, we took advantage of it. We ventured back to the North Shore and made a few stops along the way. Most of the times I find cool […]

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Hawaii July 2nd.

Days off are like little mini adventure days. Living on an island makes it totally possible to visit a whole section of the island in one day. So every Thursday that’s exactly what we do. This time around it was Waimanalo’s turn. I had never been to Waimanlo beach, but after hearing so much about the powder soft sand and […]

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Hawaii June 27th.

I love brunch. I love brunch so much that we ended up missing the morning session of Bloom Conference to get some french toast, but that’s ok because sometimes that’s what ministry looks like. Ministry can be taking a few girls to a women’s conference, or ministry can be taking a few girls to get breakfast. So even though we […]