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August 20, 2020

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We Were Babies

I just assumed that God would speak to me in little whispers each day. The way He normally speaks to me. But now I’m starting to realize that God speaks in so many different ways. Like today, through friends and the love they’ve offered to me for the past 8 years.

We graduated college in 2016, and life has been a whirlwind ever since. Jasmine graduated a year early and moved back to LA. Sarah and I graduated together, and Sarah moved to Oregon while I moved to Hawaii. Life has taken us to three different states, but it always brings us back together again. It gets harder as we get older and life gets busier, but when we do find time- it’s just like the glory days.

Jasmine and I met our freshmen year in good old Christian Tradition. We were a couple of the youngest in the class, sitting in the back, trying to avoid getting called on by the professor. We weren’t even friends at the time. Acquaintances maybe. But one day I wasn’t feeling too hot. I was nauseous and lethargic, and this wasn’t because I was a sleep deprived college student. Something about my body was off, and Jasmine could tell. So without me even saying anything to her, she slipped me a granola bar and told me to eat it. It was that granola bar that led me to not fainting in the middle of class. From that day on, Jasmine always brought a spare granola bar with her to class.

During our sophomore year of college, instead of being responsible students, we spent every night of finals week sneaking into a nearby hotel to use the swimming pool and hot tub. We spent so much time there that we created a synchronized swimming routine. We called ourselves the Damsels and Santi was our director. We had choreographed dives and timed under water handstands. Santi would sing the background music and narrate what was going on. There are videos to prove it, and one day we might even share them with the world.

Our junior year we unofficially started our birthday month tradition. So rather than a day of celebrating your birthday, you had a whole month of activities and fun things and of course all the photos to stand by it. For my birthday month, we jumped in a car and raced our way to LA for a One Direction concert. Sarah and Jasmine didn’t know a single One Direction song, but they did it for me. They did it because they knew how much I obsessed over One Direction. I was over the moon the entire concert, and they were just happy because I was happy.

Then our senior year was a little different. Jasmine had graduated and was back in LA, so already we were starting to spread apart. But it was senior year and the guy I had been talking to for months and really liked told me that it was best we stop talking before graduation since we would be going our separate ways anyway. I spent days crying and moping around. Until one night when Sarah and Clara dragged me out of my apartment, drove me around downtown San Diego, and did everything they possibly could to make me laugh. The night ended in me smiling and laughing, Clara $10 poorer, and Sarah running naked across the Seaport Village parking lot.

I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

These are the friends God has put into my life, and til death do us part. Two people that have laughed with me as we all sang karaoke songs at the top of our lungs in the Hendricks dorm rooms. Two people that have cried with me as I sat in my under-bed-fort accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to be an RA. Two people that have prayed over me over and over and over again. Two people that I would not trade for all the money in the world.

We were babies when we first met. Unsure of what to do with our lives or if we’d even pass our classes. We didn’t worry about bills or car payments or marriage. Instead we worried about snagging a table at Bahn Thai or who would be the one to pull the popcorn tub out of the trash and ask for a free refill or whether or not getting McDonalds breakfast was a good choice or not. We’ve come such a long way. We’ve navigated some pretty tricky parts of life together, but no matter what season we’re in, I know I’ll always have them.

So today God didn’t really give me a word or a phrase, but He just let me be loved on by the two people I love the most.