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Barcelona Day 36.

This morning I woke up to get ready for class, looked at the time, and saw that it was 10:45, which meant not only did I miss my first class, but there was no possible way for me to get ready and get to my next class on time. I really didn’t plan on skipping class, but it’s not like I can reverse time and have woken up early. I prefer having afternoon classes, because it gives me time to slowly get ready. Since most of the time I wake up late anyways, I’m always in a rush getting ready, and at least with afternoon class I can take my time. The classes I did attend today were pretty relaxed! There was a guest speaker in art and we watched a movie in Spanish civilization. Looks like I lucked out with my schedule today! After classes I was invited by a church friend to attend a screening of the movie “Nefarious” which was a film about sex trafficking, prostitution, and the sale of women. I didn’t have much interest to go, but I so desperately miss being part of a church, so I went anyways. Thank goodness I went, because the movie was so powerful! It gave so many different perspectives of prostitution that I would never have learned otherwise. A woman in the film described prostitution and sex trafficking as taking advantage of a woman’s vulnerability. It broke my heart to see the situations in the film, because I learned that the women going through these tragedies are my age. My age and some even younger! That could be me.. When the film ended I was at a loss for words. I now have a whole new perspective for the women I see on the streets. Going to this event was so beneficial for me. Not only did I get to learn more about a crime that is happening before my own eyes, but I continued to build relationships with the people of Hillsong Barcelona. Though some might not remember me, I think the act of saying hello whenever you see someone will help form a friendship. I miss being surrounded by a family of Christ, and I could not feel more at home than I do at Hillsong Barcelona. So because of that, I hope to build even stronger friendships and more relationships with the people of this church! God has a plan for me, I know it, but  I just need to uncover it. Adios!

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