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Barcelona Day 5.


Sitges. Sitges, you are one incredible city that I wish I could have taken my mom to. She would have loved to just sit there and enjoy the soft sand and warm water of some amazing beaches. Today we had our first program excursion to- if you hadn’t had guessed already- Sitges. Sitges is a city 45 minutes southwest of Barcelona. Made up of its stunning beaches, intricately designed architecture, and endless streets leading you from one place to another, Sitges was its own masterpiece. Our day started off with a few hours of free time to roam and explore the city. Though it wasn’t as sunny as I would have liked, the heat blazed down on us, and I regret not wearing a bathing suit because a dip in the water would have been fantastic. Downtown Sitges was filled with cute local shops on cobblestone pathways that made the walk feel like a story book. Every apartment had its own personality; there hand carved door designs or flags coming off the balconies. After walking through the city, to the beach, back through the city, and again to the beach, we got to see all that we could of a pretty city. Luckily for us our free time had ended just went the rain started to come. We left Sitges and continued our day at the Freixenet winery. I’ve never been to a winery, but, if it were anything like the clips in Parent Trap, I was excited nonetheless. By the end of the tour, the winery had exceeded all my expectations. I grew up having a dad who was passionate about wine, and I remember the collection he had and how I loved picking out new bottles whenever we went to the store. Learning about the process of how they make Cava- Spanish champagne- made me feel like a wine expert and that my dad would be so proud of me. I got to see all the different cellars, take a tram tour around the packaging/ processing area, and even taste a glass of Cava. I must admit though, I would have rather had chocolate milk and saved the Cava for my dad. The day ended with us returning to Barcelona and me running through the rain to get back home. Although I was soaking wet, running through the warm rain at the end of my day was kind of fun. Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow, so I can continue my adventures through Barcelona! Adios!

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