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Barcelona Day 38.

I blame laziness for my having written a post yesterday. I also blame laziness for not giving me the motivation to wake up and go to class in the morning. I really need to stop skipping Spanish, and wake up early. Though I’m proud to say I haven’t skipped any art or history classes lately. The two have been fairly easy lately since the history and lecture portions are over. After my last class I debated whether or not to take the metro home or just walk. I was so hungry and the metro could get me there faster, but I missed walking and passing Sagrada Familia on my way home. I ended up walking and was so happy I did! I stopped at a supermarket and got some pastries to munch on while I was walking. I passed the beautiful Sagrada Familia and even remembered to buy stamps for my postcards! I was home before I knew it and the walk gave me time to stop and think about my day. Since my roommate and I hadn’t done our weekly dinner outs in a while we thought why not try to a new restaurant tonight! We went to a Mexican restaurant out program had suggested and ended up really liking the food! The nachos were great and the margaritas were even better!! To top off an already good night, I ended up video chatting with my sister and my cousin for an hour. There’s nothing more that I miss than being around family. I loved being able to talk to them and tell them my stories. Even though we’re all on different parts of the world, time differences can’t keep us apart. I’m so excited to be back home and reunited with the people I love! Time here is flying by and I’m going to miss it, but I can’t wait to be home! Adios!

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