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South of France Day 1.

And I’m traveling yet again! This time I’m in the lovely city of Toulouse which is somewhere in the South of France. In all honestly I fell asleep for the whole 5 hour bus ride and don’t really have any idea where I am in relation to Barcelona. But that’s ok because this trip is all paid for by my program! Yay for free things! Early this morning, about 50 students loaded a bus to head to our excursion where we’ll be spending all weekend in France! Most of the day was spent sleeping on a bus until we took a lunch break in Norbonne and finally arrived in Toulouse around 5 pm! Since I missed out on the great pastry experience in Paris, I’m making sure that I eat every pastry I see while here! Too bad I was so full after my yummy chicken curry dinner that I didn’t have space for dessert.. Oh well maybe tomorrow all I will eat is dessert! But the highlight of my day would have to be finding Speculoos cookies at the restaurant where I had dinner! For those not as obsessed with cookie butter as I am, speculoos is a cookie that is then turned into spread form and sold as cookie butter in most Trader Joes stores in the US. Now since there isn’t a Trader Joes here, I’ve been on the hunt for a similar product, or the speculoos brand itself because it did originate in Europe! Now that I’ve found the cookie, I’m one step closer to feeding myself more sweets! Since there wasn’t much open at night, my friend and I headed back to our hotel where I then enjoyed an hour long bath just sitting in the tub enjoying the bubbles and warm water. Ahh how peaceful it was! Now it’s time for bed, so I can wake up early and eat free breakfast! I already know this is going to be a calm, relaxing weekend- something I haven’t had in a while! So here’s to bubble baths and Nutella crepes! Thank you France! Au revoir!


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