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Barcelona Day 39.

Oh no! Laziness and forgetfulness has caused me to be a few posts behind. I’m pretty sure this post is for Sunday October 20th. After ending a relaxing trip to Toulouse, our group endured a 5 hour bus ride back to Barcelona. We only made one stop at a castle in Carcasonne where we saw a stunning castle, medieval shops, and people dressed up as if they were still living in that era. Once our short stop was over we loaded up on the bus again and made our way to Barcelona! Thank goodness I was so tired, because I ended up sleeping on the whole ride anyways. Back in Barcelona I had made it home just in time to eat a bit and head over to church! With all the trips I’ve gone on this month I haven’t gone to church in a few weeks. Lucky for me they were trying out the headphone system for those who needed an English translation. Wearing the big headphones was all worth it, because I got to sit really close to the stage and not have to be in the back corner! I absolutely love the Hillsong church, and it breaks my heart knowing I’ll have to leave in a few months. I always feel at home when I’m in this church because I can feel God with me. Now that’s what really gets me through the day- knowing that God is with me. Though I’m thousands and thousands of miles away, His love reaches beyond borders. Without Him, I would not have the confidence to be this far from home. Because I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. So thank you to a God who loves me no matter where I am on this earth. Adios!


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