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Hillsong Barcelona.

Yippee church! Words can’t express the emotions I feel for this church. I know I haven’t been attending for long, nor have I built many connections, but I just feel the Holy Spirit within me in this place. God is alive in me when I’m here. It’s always difficult for me because the sermon is in Spanish, but luckily, I had the opportunity to use the translation trough headphones! Although I looked like an outcast, I wore them proud because it was the first time I could sit up front and not in the back corner! For this service Pastor Juan talked about the importance of our words. While it might not seem very significant for us, it is important that we are aware of what we’re saying and doing. As the people of God we must proclaim his glory and speak to spread his word. We can’t be people who keep to ourselves and stay in the corner, but we must be people who shout in the glory of God’s name. So that’s what I want to do, and that’s who I want to be. I’m often scared to let people know I’m a Christian because I’m afraid they’ll look at me differently, but it’s not something I should be ashamed of. I should be proud of what I believe in and have the confidence to share it with others. I’m so thankful to have found a church where I feel like I belong! God has led me to some pretty amazing places, and I know that this church is one of them. Adios!


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