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Barcelona Day 48.

As I’m writing this I’m currently giddy with excitement because its past midnight, which means it’s my birthday! Woohoo for being another year older! But this is not a birthday post- I’ve got to save that one for tomorrow! Any who, I’ve been in Barcelona for two months now, and today was the first cold day! Normally I would have hated this, but since it should be fall, I appreciated the brisk air and gloomy sky. Classes were classes and there’s not much to say about that. After class it was sprinkling, so I decided it would be best to take the metro since I didn’t have my umbrella. As I got off the metro the sky was orange, then when I was in my room the sky was pink, and finally when I raced up to the roof to get a picture, the sky was purple! Speak of the irony because before all this had happened, I was pretty bummed that I missed out on the rainbow over school back home. So after being jealous, God blessed me with a beautiful sight of my own! My night from that point was pretty calm. I fed my YouTube addiction and caught up on a few tv shows. Then of course I stayed up until midnight to watch the clock strike midnight as it would be my birthday. I didn’t even feel like my birthday was approaching. Maybe because I’m so far away from home that I don’t have many people to celebrate it with, but nonetheless I intend to make it the best birthday I can. So stay tuned, because the birthday post comes tomorrow! Adios!


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