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Barcelona Day 55.

I had school yesterday, woohoo, and that’s all I can remember. Before studying abroad PLNU made us read a handbook with the different stages of culture shock. 1. Euphoria, the honeymoon stage of being extremely excited to be in a cool place. 2. Irritability, the hostile stage where you think that everything in your home country is better than where you are studying abroad. 3. Adjustment, the gradual stage of starting to feel like yourself again. And lastly, 4. Adaption, when your study abroad location feels like home. For the longest time I refused to admit that I had fallen into culture shock, but it’s true. It’s not something I could have avoided or controlled, because it’s something I’ve never experienced before. I’m past the stage of extreme excitement and past the stage of missing everything about home. Currently, I’m adjusting. I’ve been in Barcelona for quite some time now that I’m comfortable. I know my way around and feel comfortable taking the metro alone. This is my city too now, and I’m starting to own up to that. There’s still more to see and do though. More restaurants to eat delicious food at, more stores to spend all my money at, and more friendships worth building. I’m sad to say it, but it’s come to the countdown part of my journey. I’m not quite done, definitely haven’t just started, but I have to keep swimming. Keep pushing past the homesickness, overcoming the laziness, and going, going, going. The world is waiting. Adios!

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