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Barcelona Day 58.

Food is good and hiking is hard. That’s what my experiences taught me today. While Spain does desserts fantastically, it lacks in the breakfast department. So this brunch time my stomach was very pleased to return to the amazing American brunch restaurant with amazing American brunch foods. Rather than sticking to the same old Eggs Benedict, I branched out and tried a Monte Cristo. I’ll admit that it was good, but my did the Eggs Benedict look even better. With food in our bellies my friends and I headed out to hike up Montserrat. Now putting me and hiking together is just the same as mixing ice and salt then holding it in your hand. You can do it, it’s possible, but the longer you keep it there, the more you complain it hurts. Oh did it hurt! Not only was this trail not an hour like the sign said, it wasn’t even a real trail! Some parts we climbed up rocks, some parts we scaled the side of rocks, and most parts we stomped our way through rocks. I’ll never ever do it again, but I will admit it was well worth the view. We didn’t make it all the way up to the top, but where we did end up stopping was breath taking to say the least. The way the rocks still looked like mountains even when we were at the top of the mountain, and the way the sun peered over just enough to shine onto the green trees and grass far below, and the purple in the sky just as it was going down, all of this reminded me of God’s amazing creation. Drake could not have said it any better, started from the bottom now we’re here. Me, a girl with big hopes and a million dreams stood on top of the world. I felt so accomplished, not just from the hike, but from every rock I’ve ever climbed over in my life, or every time I looked down and was so afraid to keep going, or even when my friends were so far ahead of me, but I still didn’t give up. After all the hiking it was time to reward myself with some food. My very bestest best friends dad was in town and was lovely enough to treat me out to dinner. Now what have I been craving for so long and was lucky enough to get for dinner? If you guessed paella you’re right! Yum yum yum Paella will never be a bad choice. I’m so thankful to see familiar faces while I’m abroad, because it really helps ease the homesickness every once in a while. Now only if my mom and sister could get here already! I can’t wait until then, but for now I’ve got to endure the aching soreness of a two hour hike. Adios!


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