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Barcelona Day 60.

Can you guess what I did on a Sunday? If you guessed wake up early and go out and do something you’re wrong! Typical me, typical Sunday laying around until it was time for church. Other than church, my highlight of the day was finishing The Fault in Our Stars! Yep, my one week goal was accomplished! I love how I’ve rekindled my passion for reading. I feel like when I read I’m just pausing my day to be in a different universe. Anyways, church was amazing as always. Every week I grow deeper and deeper in love with Hillsong. It truly breaks my heart knowing that I’ll be leaving such a wonderful church in less than a month. I love Hillsong, because I can see God working in the people of this church. I can see how passionate they are for God and how excited they are to spread his word. Attending Hillsong has challenged me to reach out of my comfort zone, meet people who don’t speak my language, and see how hard I will work to form relationships. Being in Barcelona has tested and strengthened my faith in so many ways. I’ve learned and felt that God’s love reaches beyond borders. That God in my life is not confined to the church I grew up in or the Christian school I attend, but it follows me where ever on Earth I may be. I don’t think I would be able to survive without that. Studying abroad has been a tough journey. It has been fun and indescribable and unforgettable, but it’s also been scary and lonely. Without the support of a church where I can feel at home for just a few hours every Sunday, I don’t know how I could go on. So I thank God for that, because all of this was his plan. He worked in a magical way to place me at Hillsong Barcelona. I am so excited to see what plans he has for me next. Adios!

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