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Barcelona Day 61.

I woke up, I went to class, and I came back home and slept. It sounds lazy and it is lazy, but I’m comfortable now. I feel at home, and I don’t feel the need to YOLO everyday. I will admit that I’m quite jealous of all my friends that have traveled to a new city every weekend. In all, I’ll only have visited Valencia, Dublin, Paris, Toulousse, London, and Madrid. Yes I know I shouldn’t complain because after all that is more places than some people will have gone in their lifetime, yet I do wish I had gone to Switzerland or maybe Prague or even Amsterdam. I have no regrets though- I’m happy. I’m thrilled to have gotten the chance to study abroad in the first place. Appreciative to have been able to live in an amazing city where I can immerse myself in such a unique culture. Most of the reason why I don’t dwell on how I didn’t visit more places is because I know I’ll be back. My traveling escapades have just begun! So I’m in no rush to see the world in such a short amount of time. For now, I just want to love Barcelona. I want to enjoy every little sight there is to see, eat at every good restaurant I can find, and make as many friends as I can. One day when I come back to Barcelona it’s going to be nice to return to a familiar environment. My comfort with this city allows me to really feel and call this home. I love my new home, can’t wait to return to my old home, and am hopeful for the many more homes I’ll create in the future. Adios!

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