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Barcelona Day 64.

My list of things to do today: catch up on blog posts. I’ve been pretty rubbish this past week at keeping up with my posts, so since it’s raining and cold out, why not use my time wisely. Thursday November 12th was a school filled day, and there wasn’t much time for a big cool adventure. The saddest part of Thursday was getting an e-mail from my study abroad program notifying us of a “Program Departure Meeting”. Program departure!?! Didn’t I just arrive to Barcelona like last week?! I knew my stay here would go by quickly, but it feels like with a blink of an eye it’s all happened so fast. Looking back on it all, I’ve gotten to do some pretty amazing things. In the past three months, I’ve traveled around Europe, immersed myself in a new culture, and have fallen in love with a wonderful city. I’ve formed international friendships, and also had some great experiences with American friends too. But most importantly, I’ve grown up in ways I would never have expected from myself. I take public transportation- public transportation with all it’s germs and bacteria!! I manage my money, not very well, but I still try very hard to. And biggest of them all, I’m living in a foreign country, very, very far from home, where I didn’t know anyone and I’m still surviving. This experience has shaped me and will continue to shape the person I’m becoming. I’m no longer a simple California girl, but now I’m a world traveler. I’ll forever be in awe of the plans God does and has for my life. To Him I give thanks forever. Adios!

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