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Barcelona Day 66.

Pardon me for still not posting on time.. My levels of creative writing decrease more and more everyday. So let’s see if I can remember what happened on Saturday November 16th..

I woke up that morning wondering why on Earth is the garbage truck still coming around and later realizing it wasn’t a garbage man, but heavy thunder. The thunder shook the building, the lightening flashed light through my windows, and the rain made it for a very depressing gloomy day. My plan for the day was to sit at home in my sweater and sweatpants and try to be productive. After a few hours of scrolling through different YouTube videos, I finally decided what I was going to do. All week I was heartbroken because the jacket I wanted was no longer on sale at Zara, so even though I was told stores stopped selling it, I got up determined to find one last jacket at one of the hundred Zara stores in Barcelona. What better place to start a shopping scavenger hunt that Passeig de Gracia. Before checking out Zara, my friend and I popped into a few other stores in the area. It’s crazy for me to think that in just a few more weeks this will all change. I won’t be able to just hop onto the metro and be in Passeig de Gracia in 5 minutes, but in order for me to be back I’d have to catch a 14 hour plane ride. Anyways, I decided to go into the Zara where the worker specifically told me they stopped selling my desired jacket, but guess who found it right there on the rack across from the cashier. Yeah it was me! While I probably shouldn’t have spent the money on another jacket, I’ve been in love with it since the first time I saw it how many months ago. Buying this jacket was me sacrificing a trip to Switzerland- sorry Switerzland, you’ll just have to wait. Besides buying my fashionable and fuzzy jacket, I also purchased some new books later that night. I’ll admit that I’m not as excited to read these ones, but let’s see if I can finish another book in a week. Later that night my friend and I also indulged on our favorite chocolate and churros. I intend on having churros as much as I can until I leave, because who knows when the next time I’ll be back in Barcelona to have them. Other than that, my day was pretty average.

It may seem like I’m wasting away my final days, but it’s average days like this that I’ll miss the most when I return home. The days where I just hop on a metro to walk around my favorite shopping district and end the day by eating my favorite chocolate and churros. Who am I kidding, the chocolate and churros may be the thing I miss most about Barcelona! You haven’t lived until you’ve dipped sugar coated warm churros into a cup of literally melted chocolate. But now isn’t the time to think about going home, because in just a few days my mom and sister will be arriving in my lovely city! I can’t wait to show them my new home and all the cool things I’ve discovered. These next two weeks will definitely be the best yet and also consist of more late blogs… Oops. Adios!

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