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Barcelona Day 67.

I’ve done a whole lot of nothing these last few days because of the rain, but the blog post must go on. Sunday November 17th was another typical Sunday. Nothing very much happened until it was time for church.

Church was amazing as usual! Luckily for us Americans they played a livestream of a sermon from a British pastor. So you know what that means, this time we weren’t the ones who needed a translation! The sermon was about praying unified. The pastor explained that many people praying one prayer can be stronger than many prayers by many people. Yet he also explained that in order to pray unified, we must love one another and not have grudges or hatred towards other people. He kept asking what would happen if only we could all just pray together? That night there was one worship song that particularly resonated with me. In English the title is “Sinking Deep”, but in Spanish it is called “Tu Amor Me Inundo.” After all this time I still think it’s crazy that I can sing a song in a completely different language, not understanding a single word, but still feel completely overcome by God’s presence. I can’t express enough how much I love Hillsong Barcelona. I know in my heart that one day I’ll return and be able to do more at this church than I am now.

I still can’t believe that in just a few weeks I’ll be returning to the United States. In my mind I keep planning out the next time I’ll return or what my next big adventure is. Who knows what it will be, but I pray wholeheartedly that whatever I do, wherever I go, it will all be because it’s part of God’s plan for my life. To God be the glory, forever and ever. Adios!

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