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Barcelona Day 69.

Blah, blah. Cloudy days like these past few really put me in a lazy, do nothing mood. Tuesday November 19th was no better. The day consisted of 8 hours of classes followed by completely wanting to sleep once I got home. I really can’t recall what I did yesterday other than school, dinner, and surprisingly sleep around 11. I miss the nice summer-like Barcelona that I was welcomed to when I first arrived here. It’s crazy how long ago that seems. 

My first day in Barcelona was Tuesday, September 3rd. I remember not leaving my room for the first 48 hours of being here because I slept all day and was awake all night. As time went by, both my jet lag and fear of being in a new country went away. While being here, I’ve hit up every tourist spot at least twice and made a nice bunch of Spanish friends. I’ve attempted and utterly failed at speaking the language, I’ve learned more about their government and politics, and I’ve ordered enough chocolate and churros for the workers to remember who I am and what I order. My expectations of Barcelona weren’t too elaborate, because I knew that no matter what it would be a fantastic experience. I’ve fallen in love with this city, and sorry mom and dad, but I’m definitely moving back here for a year or two in the future. Being able to travel and explore the world has only strengthened my desire to roam around. I’ve already been planning my next big adventures in my mind and can’t wait to see what I’ll be doing next. So here’s to the spirit of adventure! Adios!

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