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London Day 1.


Let me just start with an apology because of my excessive late blogging and absolutely rubbish blog posts! Eek I just read through some posts from this past week, and they were completely lame! So many, many apologizes for that.

Friday November 22nd was my first day in London. Now for those who don’t know how much I’ve dreamt of this day, let me put it into perspective. My two main options for studying abroad was London and Barcelona. Now the only reason I didn’t choose London was because the program that my school had didn’t offer classes I needed to take. So for me, London was highly anticipated.

My day started off very, very early. Our flight departed at 6 am and we had to be at the airport a bit early to check in. Take a minute to imagine this, I only had 2 hours of sleep the night prior, but not a single bit of my body was tired. This time, excitement outweighed exhaustion. We finally made it to London, and I was in love from the minute we stepped off the plane. In order to get to our hotel we had to walk through Hyde Park, and I absolutely fell in love. The love grew more and more as we walked down Oxford street looking up at the Christmas decorations and seeing even more decorations at Picadilly Circus. Being in London was exciting enough for me, but seeing all the Christmas lights and toys in window displays of stores filled me with an infinite amount of joy.

I know an hour is way too early to already make housing plans, but I am definitely moving to London. I can already see myself walking my dog through Hyde Park, and buying Christmas ornaments from Liberty’s, and taking walks down the Thames. I love everything about London. I love the British accents. I love the history behind the city. And for the first time ever, I love the cold. London reminds me so much of San Francisco, and that’s probably why I feel so at home. I never want to leave.. Cheerio!

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