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London Day 3.

I don’t even know where I left off anymore! Since my last post was Saturday, this one should be about Sunday November 24th! And because I’m so behind, I’ve completely forgotten what I did on Sunday.. Think think think..

Sunday was filled with more city bus tours! This time we stopped over at Tower Bridge. Did you know that while most people assume this pretty blue bridge is London Bridge, it is actually Tower Bridge- London Bridge is far less attractive. We froze our butts off, but managed to walk across the bridge and get some pretty cool photos. After Tower Bridge, we headed down the Thames River taking advantage of our free cruise. Again, it was freezing cold, but I loved every moment of it. How often can you say that you’ve taken a boat down the Thames River? Continuing our tourist visits, we stood by and listened to Big Ben ring and also walked around Westminster Abbey. Later that night we concluded our day by attending a Hillsong London service.

Hillsong London was just as amazing as I hoped it would be. The church was held in a gorgeous theatre with every seat filled. It was nice for a change to have the sermon in English rather than Spanish. No matter the difference, you could still feel the Holy Spirit filling this place. I was lucky enough that the worship band was playing one of my recent favorite worship songs, Sinking Deep. I really do feel so blessed to have been able to attend Hillsong Churches. It’s such a change from the church I attend at home, and I really love it. At Hillsong I’m encountering God is a much more powerful way. The atmosphere at Hillsong is one you can’t compare to anything else. I’m happy to have been able to attend Hillsong in London, but I can’t wait to take my mom and sister to Hillsong Barcelona!

The vacation with my mom and sister continues to be a memorable one. Being in one my most desired city with my sister made it all the more special. For a while now we’ve been dreaming about what London would be like, and we finally got a taste of that. I can’t wait until the day when my sister and I can move out to England, but for now I’ve got less than two weeks in Barcelona! Eep. Cheerio!


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