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London Day 4.

I’m so disappointed with myself in the tardiness of my blogging and lack of attractiveness on this website due to no photos. But don’t fret because this blog has exciting things to come in the next few weeks! So back to Monday November 25th…

The last day in London! How could it be? I never wanted to leave! With one thing left to do on my London tourist bucket list, it was time for the London Eye! Thankfully our flight departed in the evening, giving us plenty of time to do one last thing. Being afraid of heights, I should have been fearful out of my mind to hop onto one of the world’s largest Ferris Wheels, but I surprisingly wasn’t. This was another example of my excitement overcoming anything in it’s way. Going up, and up, and up, you could see the most gorgeous views of the city. In the distance you could see Buckingham Palace, but from above you could also see the top of Big Ben. Being up there, being on top of the world was amazing. London itself was amazing.

Throughout my traveling experience I’ve learned that the higher you climb, the better the view. The view from the top of the world is amazing. I just love to look out at everything, seeing all that I’m able to discover. The world may be a big place, but little by little I have the opportunity to see it bit by bit. My adventure in Barcelona may be ending soon, but I already have plans for what’s next! Time isn’t just going to wait for me to start exploring. Cheerio!

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