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Barcelona Day 72.

Tonight is the night that I catch up. I’m determined to do it! So Tuesday November 26th, let’s write this.

After spending a magical weekend in one of my new favorite cities, how on Earth could I focus on school!? My Tuesday couldn’t have gone by any slower, but it did. Class was class and I’m slowly starting to realize how many little classes I have left. Finals are fast approaching and my academic mindset is not prepared for that. After class I reunited with my mom and sister and enjoyed their large, spacious hotel room.

Being able to have my mom and sister in Barcelona means one of many things. 1. I don’t have to pay for anything. 2. I have someone to go shopping crazy with. and 3. I don’t have to pay for anything. I really love having my family here, especially during the Thanksgiving time. I really, really love Barcelona, but I am so ready to be back home. This past week has been tough in terms of missing home. I miss boba, I miss driving my car, and I definitely miss my family. I keep thinking about home and the things I’ll do the minute I step off the plane. Only two weeks now until I’m back in the best city in the world, San Francisco! Adios!

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