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Barcelona Day 6.

Today, I woke up at noon, and it was lovely. The best part of my day though wasn’t getting to sleep in, but it was being able to attend Hillsong Barcelona. “Hillsong” is a church known worldwide with locations in Australia, London, and even Barcelona. I can’t even recall how I found out, or stumbled upon the church Facebook page, but I’m glad that God led me there. The minute I walked in people were so welcoming and kind. A woman, who I smiled at while walking past, stopped, gave me kisses on both cheeks, and even cared enough to engage in a conversation. Another lady, who, again, stopped after I had smiled at her, also spoke to us and explained to us how she studied in Seattle and spoke English. Thank goodness for that because she later helped us find a translator during the service. The service was anything like I’ve experienced before! If you were to tell me that there is something better than Spanish praise and worship, I would disagree in an instant! The music was so vibrant and just made you want to get up and dance! Though everything was in Spanish, and I couldn’t understood a single word being said throughout the service, I knew one thing- that no matter what language we spoke, we were all worshipping the same God. The one line that I did understand was “Tus planes nunca cambian”- your plans never change. Right now I’m in Barcelona, Spain, 5,949 miles away from my friends and family. I wake up everyday not knowing what to expect, but that somehow being here at this time in my life is all apart of God’s master plan for me. He made the plan for my life far before I could understand, and he continues to guide me everyday. Luckily for me, I get to live in Barcelona, Spain because God has a plan for me here. Adios!

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