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Barcelona Day 75.

Friday November 29th was yesterday, but I can’t even remember what happened!!

Think Meg, think. I’m pretty sure the day only consisted of eating food.. Breakfast was well spent at an American Brunch place that has always satisfied my big breakfast cravings. As usual I was indecisive and had my sister order the eggs benedict while I ordered the french toast in order for me to taste a little bit of both. That’s one of the perks of mine and my sister’s relationship- she orders food I like. Lunch didn’t happen, because we all fell asleep for a few hours. In my defense, our hotel is the cutest and most chic hotel I’ve ever stayed in, so I’d live here if I could. Once rejuvenated we made sure to hit up at least one tourist attraction so our whole day wasn’t a complete waste. What one tourist attraction is only available at night? The Montjuic fountain light show! The show was less crowded due to it being freezing cold winter, but it was still amazing. We started to head up the mountain, but the lights shut off mid-climb, so we decided to just come back again during the day time. Montjuic was one of my first Barcelona discoveries. Out of pure whim I rode all the escalators to the top and was extremely pleased with my decision. From that mountain top, I saw and realized how beautiful Barcelona is.

Walking around Barcelona with my mom and sister, I realized that there was still so much I’ve never seen. There’s the Gracia neighborhood and The Raval that I’ve probably stumbled upon but never realized I was there. I always complain about my PLNU bubble, but truthfully I’ve been living a Barcelona bubble too. A bubble where I only know the things in between my house and Passeig de Gracia. In my opinion, Passeig de Gracia is the place to be, but I bet there are a billion hidden gems out there that need to be discovered too. Time will never be in our favor, and I won’t have enough time to find all these gems, but at least I can say that I had a pretty amazing time along the way. Yes I wish I stepped out of my L’ Eixample bubble, but I have no regrets. Adios!


Just a very small glimpse of our cute hotel room! Seriously this pink chair is adorable! Besides the pink chair staple, this hotel also has a hip balcony, gorgeously tiled large bathrooms, and most important, a warm, fluffy comforter. Please, let me just stay here for the rest of my trip.


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