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Barcelona Day 76.

I had an eventful weekend, but was too lazy to write about it! Saturday November 30th.

Typically it takes me a while to wake up and get my day started, but since we had plans it was rise and shine for me! We started our day with a play at the absolutely stunning Liceu Theatre. I was in awe of how beautiful the gold trimming was against the all red seating. While the whole play was in Catalan, it wasn’t very difficult to follow along since it was a play written for children. Next up we headed over to my very favorite, Park Guell! Compared to when I first went in the summer, there were far less people and more opportunity for us to take pictures without a massive crowd in the background. I loved being able to show my sister and mom my favorite place in Barcelona and letting them see how beautiful it is in person. Blah blah, I apologize for my lack of descriptive and in depth writing, but my creative juices are just running extremely low. So here are some photos to hopefully make up for it!

IMG_8576 IMG_8578 IMG_8598 IMG_8602 IMG_8683

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