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Barcelona Day 77.

Sunday December 1st was your average lazy Sunday! Not much was done or accomplished, but I was able to take my mom and sister to church! This particular Sunday happened to be the first of December and the first of the Christmas series. Church was all decked out with lights, Christmas trees, and even a fake fire in the fireplace! The sermon itself was fairly short, because it being a special Sunday, the Colour Conference invitations were handed out! I really can’t express enough how much I’ve grown to love the Hillsong church. I love how it is a church growing worldwide to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I fully intend to continue participating in a Hillsong church no matter how far away the closest one may be from me. When I attend Hillsong, I can feel the Spirit of God filling a place where people worship at His feet. It’s such an incredible and indescribable feeling, but I love it so much. I’ve said it before, but I truly am going to miss Hillsong Barcelona and all the wonderful qualities that come with it. 

Back to what I said about it being the first Sunday of December… How on Earth is it December already!? This year has flown by like the blink of an eye, but I can say with so much pride that it was one of the best years yet. It has been a year of challenges and infinite blessings. I love to see how much I’ve grown up and how much more growing there is still to do. I know next year, and the year after, and the year after are just going to get better and better. There will be more obstacles to jump over, but even more cake at the end of the race. If I had to sum up my year in one word it would be: wow. Wow, wow, wow! Adios!

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