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Barcelona Day 80.

Wednesday December 4th. I still can’t believe it’s December. Wasn’t October like last week?

Class, eh. After class, shopping! Now since my sister and I went shopping crazy while she was here, I thought it was best that I leave the shopping to my friends and save myself some money. There was one purchase I couldn’t resist though, and that was a Zara purse! I absolutely love my Zara purse and all the zippers and pockets that come with it. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to fit all my stuff in one suitcase..

Isn’t it crazy to think that you can pack your life away in a suitcase. How packing your life into a suitcase is a struggle enough, but leaving, going to a new place where everything is new is the really difficult part. My program ends in 8 days, and I return home in 9. In my 4 months of studying abroad, I’ve overcome that difficult part. I used to be so afraid of walking around by myself and wouldn’t attempt taking the metro by myself after the sun had gone down, but look at me now. I’ve mastered the metro and feel extra proud when I know which side the doors will open. I feel like such a smarty when I’m standing in front of the right door and people who’ve lived in Barcelona longer than me are standing in front of the wrong side. I’m comfortable in Barcelona, because it’s my home now. I don’t feel afraid or scared, and it’s no longer difficult. Adios!

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