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Barcelona Day 82.

Friday December 6th, the last Friday.

Friday marks the last week in Barcelona and the last time the cleaning lady will abruptly wake me up at 9 am to clean my room on a Friday morning. My last Friday was spent enjoying the beauty that is Barcelona, and Park Ciutadella was the perfect place to do that. In my opinion, there aren’t many nature walks in Barcelona, but this happens to be one of the good ones. I love how the outside of the park seems like it will only be filled with trees, but as you get closer and closer to the center you encounter a magnificent fountain topped with a gorgeous gold painted structure. Also in the park you can find the Catalonia government building, the Barcelona zoo, and a duck filled lake where you can pay 6 euros to rent a canoe. Lucky for me I had both time and 6 euros to enjoy a canoe ride with my friend. Though we started off by going in circles, we eventually figured out how to paddle straight and make our way around the lake. It’s moments like these that I’ll miss the most.

When I leave Barcelona, I’ll miss the thrill of discovering new things- the excitement of trying something for the first time and completely loving it. My whole experience of studying abroad has been just that, thrill. It’s been 4 months of not knowing what to expect, but being all in for the unknown results. After experiencing it, I believe that there’s nothing scarier than packing up your bags, leaving the familiar, and venturing out into new territory. But it’s that kind of excitement that I’ve grown to love and live for. My worldview has expanded immensely, and my mind has opened to new things and experiences. Exploring the world does that to you; it makes you realize that there’s more to life than the small bubble you feel comfortable in. Adios!

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