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Barcelona Day 83.

Disclaimer: I’m so behind, but I plan on catching up before I return home!!

Saturday December 7th, the last Saturday. Too many lasts for my anxious heart to handle. 

To describe Saturday, I first have to explain how Friday ended. My Friday ended with church connect group and being able to stay the night at the connect group leaders’ house along with a few other church members. So Saturday started off by having breakfast with the friends I’ve made from church and enjoying some incredible company. I’m beyond grateful for all the friends I’ve made at such an amazing church. Everyone I’ve met has been kind, caring, and thoughtful. What started out as two friends has grown into four, and five, now even a few more. I’ll admit that I haven’t made many friends from my program, but all the friendships I’ve formed through church are much better than that. The people I’ve met and grown to know are people I intend to stay in touch with- people worth a friendship that will last. The first person I met at church, from my very first Sunday 4 months ago, continues to be a blessing in my life. She can’t speak very much English, but the language barrier doesn’t stop her from being the sweetest person I know. I’m lucky enough to have her as a connect group leader, because her welcoming personality makes my fear of meeting new people go away. I know I haven’t known her for long, but I know she cares about me, because when she asks when I’ll return to Barcelona she always emphasizes coming back to Barcelona forever. These friendships I’ve created make it even harder for me to leave an indescribable church. I feel so at home even though I know I haven’t been attending for long. I love the feeling of the Holy Spirit filling Hillsong Barcelona and knowing that God truly is working with these people to transform the city of Barcelona. It breaks my heart so much, but I know this will just encourage me to seek a church that is equally as astounding. Adios!

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