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Barcelona Day 85.

I have unsuccessfully caught up before I left Barcelona, oh well. Monday December 9th.

I’m a week behind these posts, and I really don’t remember the things I did. The whole purpose of my blog was to record the things I’ve done that day in order to capture the feelings and emotions felt that day, but now that I haven’t been writing consistently I’m not able to do that. Admittedly, I’m quite disappointed in myself for that reason, because once the day is over and gone and a new day comes, the raw and original feelings for an experience are gone. So hopefully these next few weeks of resting at home and not being too busy will reenergize me and give me the willpower to continue writing. 

Anyways, Monday continued to be a day of lasts. The last time I’ll visit this place or eat at this restaurant or walk down this path. It really is a great fear of mine to leave, because I’ll never know if I can ever come back. Yes I want to, and maybe one day I could, but who knows. All I can know for sure is that I’m left with a short amount of time to absorb every little detail that I had fallen in love with about this city. So forget it being the last and focus on the fact that it’s one more time that I can walk down Las Ramblas and be annoyed by the people selling cheap, useless toys, or one more time that I can have my favorite chocolate, coconut, and banana smoothie from the Boqueria, or one more time that I’ll have one of the best burgers of my life. I’ve still got a few more days until it really is my last night. Adios!

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