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Barcelona Day 86.

Tuesday December 10th. 

If ever there was a day of my entire study abroad program where I was the least bit stressed about academics, it would be today. Not only was it finals week, but today was the dreaded Spanish final. Now I’ll admit that Spanish wasn’t a very difficult subject for me, but the only reason I worried was because our final was 70 percent of our grade. So either I pass the final and pass the class or fail the final and fail the class- now you can see how very little options I had here. And since Spanish counted for 6 units, my options were narrowed down to pass. To make matters worse, the final consisted of 5 parts and each part needed to receive a 6.5 out of 10 or you would fail the entire test. So again the test grading system proved to be quite complicated. At the end of the class, I felt pretty confident about my exam, and I guess now I’ll just have to wait and see if I pass. Academically, the rest of my day wasn’t as worrisome. I’m already guaranteed to pass my history and art class, so there’s one less factor of stress. Thank goodness for the pass fail policy I have at school, because if it weren’t for that I probably wouldn’t have had such a laid back semester.

As for my night, it was fancy dinner time! All semester my friends and I had planned to go out for a fancy dinner in Paris, but since that didn’t happen what better way to end our time abroad than a fancy dinner. Dinner was the stereotypical expensive meals small portions, but the amazing part was the view of Barcelona. I personally think it would have been a better view during the day time, but I equally appreciate the way the city looks at night with lights glowing from oceanside to where the mountains are. I’ll admit that I’m really going to miss my roommate. What makes her special compared to my other friends is that she shares all my traveling experiences. Yes we didn’t know each other for long and live on opposite sides of the country back home, but no other girl can fill the spot she had. So even if I don’t see her again, she’ll always share my study abroad experiences with me. Together we discovered Barcelona. Adios!

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