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Barcelona Day 87.

Wednesday December 11th. 

I completely don’t remember, because after I’m writing this on Wednesday December 18th, a whole week later. From what I remember, the feeling of bittersweet filled the air of my half packed up dorm room. The majority of my goodbyes had been said and the countdown to boarding a plane home approached faster than I could have imagined. It blows my mind how quickly a whole four months flew by!

I remember the day I got accepted to my program. I knew I was going to be accepted, because after all who gets denied by a study abroad program, but the confirmation that I would be studying in Barcelona, Spain for a semester still thrilled me. Then I remember the day I boarded a plane all by myself for my first international trip, and all the butterflies of excitement and worry filled me as if my stomach was the size of a whale. I watched five movies that flight and opened my tiny airplane window to see London below me. I had made it to Europe, and I was one short flight away from my new home. I remember my first few days in Barcelona when I was so afraid that I wouldn’t even eat let alone leave my room. It took a while for me to gain the nerve to step out the front door, but eventually I did. 

It was definitely one of those moments that you look back on and laugh at yourself for. What used to be a nervous girl has grown into a world traveler. I’ve come so far, and I say that both in pride and amazement. I really can’t believe what life has given me. Although my time in Barcelona is almost up, here’s to many, many more adventures! Adios!

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