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Point Loma Day 3.

The first day of my Spring semester at the lovely Point Loma Nazarene University! For starters you wouldn’t even think it was winter here, because it is as hot as a summer’s day! But let’s begin today’s recap with the claim that 7:25 am classes are way too early and 8:30 theology classes aren’t that much better either. Mark my words, this will be a rough semester. I give it 3 weeks tops until I start rolling out of bed, not bothering about makeup or appearance, and just racing to class before it starts. If only my classes were later in the day, I think it would be absolutely perfect! I’m genuinely excited to learn in all my classes- except one, but my crazy awesome professor makes up for that. This semester I find each of my subjects really interesting, and hopefully this interest will cause a higher motivation for success.

Being a second year college student the realities of adulthood are becoming more and more evident. Finances are constantly filling the back of my mind and the scary thought of my future comes up at least once a week. I miss the days when my biggest worry used to be what to wear in the morning and not what job application to fill out. As a preteen, I couldn’t wait to enter high school. As a high school freshmen, I couldn’t wait to have my driver’s license and get away. As a high school junior, I couldn’t wait to go to college and literally get away. Now here I am, a college student, and I miss not having to worry about my gas tank or how my tuition is going to get paid. Most times I just wish time and growing up would slow down. Bye bye from me!

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