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Point Loma Day 4.

Well it’s only the second day of school, but it feels like I’ve been waking up at 6:45 for weeks now. I may give in earlier than I had hoped, but I’m still loving my classes. It was another day of interesting subjects and me being captivated to learn. The highlights of my day would have to be chapel and timeout. Here at Point Loma students can attend up to three chapels a week and one timeout session on Wednesday nights. For me, chapel is a break between the business of classes where I can stop and reflect on the greatness of God.

I always feel so blessed to be apart of a school that embraces God. Being pushed to grow in my faith is a constant thing here, and I think it’s wonderful. When my professors pray over our class, I feel infinitely encouraged and can see the support they have for our success. When students carry Bibles to class, I don’t feel like an outsider, or a freak who worships a God she can’t even see. I am so lucky that my school is a place where I’m being shaped academically and spiritually. With these two qualities, I know I’ll succeed. Bye bye from me!

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