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Point Loma Day 6.

There’s a reason why I picked Point Loma Nazarene University. It’s not just because of one detail, but all the factors that make it such an amazing school. The community is made up of Christ followers who love the way Christ would want us to love. People here are nice and caring and sweet, and everyone uplifts everyone else. The opportunities presented to me are endless and each new path leads to something exciting. And last but certainly not least, the view. I can bet my little to no fortune that there is no school with a more magnificent and beautiful sight than here at Loma. Everyday I look out to the vast Pacific Ocean complimented by the endless blue skies and I am amazed at God’s wonderful creation. So while I’m still struggling to feel at home in a place I love, today I was reminded of why I chose to be here.

My blog started out as a place for me to share my most surface level actions of the day, but since then it has become a place where I feel free to share the emotions I’m even too afraid to say out loud. So here it goes. Being back at Point Loma gives me warm fuzzies in my stomach, but it also scares me. This past week has been a battle between feeling loved and welcomed back or feeling isolated and left out. I know that my isolation is due to my own refusal of social interaction, but I can’t quite put how I feel into words. To sum it up, I’m shy, and whether people want to believe that is up to them. But this week I’ve been plunged into making new friendships that I wasn’t quite prepared for. I know that in the end these new friendships will feel comfortable, but at the moment it scares me having to form so many relationships so quickly. I miss the way things used to be. So I’ll continue to pray for the best and pray for strength to get through this rough patch, but most of all I’m going to pray that soon I’ll feel at home again.

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