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Point Loma Day 8.

There’s this quote that my middle school friends and I live by. It says, “True friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s being separated & nothing changes.” At the moment, I go to school in San Diego, one friend goes to school in Los Angeles, another is studying in South Korea, and the last is back home in San Francisco. We couldn’t be more scattered around, but I know that the minute we are all reunited it will seem like nothing has changed. I’ve ranted about friendships more than I should, but it’s become like a crowded Disneyland parking lot that takes up time from the happiest place on Earth.

I wish I could bring up half the things I talk about on my blog to my friends, but communication is difficult for me. There are so many things I want to say, but just can’t manage to put it into words. Sometimes I fear that I’m living in the past, and all my reminiscing on old memories is wasting time from creating new ones. Is it bad to bring up how things used to be? Am I holding onto something that won’t ever be the same anymore? How do I express these feelings without completely breaking down. I wish I had a constant. Someone to stand by my side who knows me from the inside out. I wish I had someone who could hold my hand and help me walk through all these changes, but not actually have changed themself. Change is a tricky thing, and hopefully rather than breakdown completely, everything will get better with time.

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