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Point Loma Days 11- 19.

Slackin to say the least. Like I’ve said before, life at Loma just isn’t as new as the life I lived while traveling abroad. I could never be ungrateful for my beautiful school, but I miss living an uncomfortable life. Being in a new place forces you to break out of your shell and do things you didn’t think you were capable of. But back to life at Loma.. It’s been over a week since I’ve last journaled out the details of my college life. A week where I’ve gotten more settled in, become more sleep deprived, and am slowly feeling at home again. My first two weeks were tough to say the least. Everything that should have been familiar was shockingly new. But now here I am at week three and I’m smiling.

Friends. Meeting new people is hard, but then you laugh so hard you can’t breath, and you forget that just a week before you weren’t friends at all. I’ve been able to hide my introvert through this process and reap in the benefits of new friends. It can still be scary though. There are still times when I get overwhelmed with all the new names and wish name tags were a mandatory part of life. But thankfully for me, I still have my set of ongoing best buddies. Reentering old friendships has also been the true test of genuineness, but you know it’s real when there is more uncontrollable laughter than conversation.

Classes. I’m torn between absolutely loving my classes and hating waking up at 6:45 three days a week, but in the end, my complete fascination for the development of children outweigh the struggle of being separated from my warm bed in the morning. My motivation to study is at a medium. I’ve finally accepted the reality of real school and have made a decent attempt at studying, but I’m still in need of that extra push of initiative. This semester I’m going to do more than just cross my fingers and hope for the best, but affirm myself in hard work to get fantastic grades. I’ve taken two tests so far this week, and it surprised me how well I knew the material with what medium amount of studying I did. For the first time in a really, really long time, I’m absorbing the lectures and actually remembering them. I love going to class and having something new to tell my mom everyday. Let’s just say I know more about pregnancy than most pregnant women know about themselves.

Opportunities. This week has been the start of a bunch of new things happening in my life. First, there’s a new job I’m doing, but I won’t elaborate much on it other than I love going to work. I find it sad how rare it is to find people who wake up in the morning without excitement to go to work. A person’s career should be something they’re passionate for, because at the end of the day you’re fighting between long lasting happiness and temporary wealth. On to another exciting part of my life, LoveWorks. LoveWorks is a program led by my school where students have the opportunity to serve abroad for others in the name of Christ. This summer will be my first time participating in a missions trip and saying I’m excited is an understatement. I can’t wait to see the ways that I’ll be used to serve those in Africa and the ways that I can shine God’s light to those around me. This semester truly has amazing things in store for me.

Disclaimer. I’ll say it now, because I know it may only get worse from here, but I’ll admit that my blogging probably won’t continue at the same rate it did while in Barcelona. Life at Loma is about so much more than living new experiences everyday that I just can’t wait to share, but it’s about nurturing an experience that I’m going to be living in for another two years. So I’ll do my best to jot down the thoughts running through my mind everyday, but there are no guarantees of a every day commitment. But don’t fret, because the best of this blog is yet to come.

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