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Point Loma Day 20.

Today I went to the zoo, and got to see my favorite animal, the elephant. Elephants are so big and majestic, but it seems as though they would never intentionally hurt anything. They’re slow and maybe to them time is nothing but numbers on a circular object.

Lately I’ve been challenged with the idea of time. Either I struggle with too little time in the day or too much time, where I have nothing to do, or time being wasted away. I love to organize my life into a schedule, as if it were that easy. Too often I live an unbalanced schedule where one day is flooded with responsibilities, the other is open like a barren desert, and the next is spent regaining the sleep I lost from the first. If I want to live a steady life this semester, I’m going to have to learn the concept of time. But it’s not just managing my time or using my time wisely, it’s finding the time to appreciate my day. I need to let myself stop, look out at the amazing sunset that’s right before my eyes which too often I become used to, and let my mind be blown by the great things God is putting into my life.

More and more everyday I’m realizing the limitations of my relationship with God. I give thanks, and I’m trusting in Him, but I am not working hard enough to construct a stronger more meaningful relationship. I don’t pray enough, and I don’t read my Bible at all. I’m not working to expand His kingdom, nor have I ever spoke of the gospel to a friend. There are many, many things in my life that I think need fixing, but over everything I want to fix the flaws in my faith. I dream of a faith so strong that God’s light shines through me and from me. So I am going to hold myself accountable. I am going to seek more, yearn for more, and cry out for more of God in my life, because I need it. When I can live a life overflowing with passion for Christ, then I will be filled with infinite happiness.

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