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Point Loma Days 36- 41.

Last week was one full of opportunity. Whether it be a door opened, slightly ajar, or simply getting my foot over, so many unbelievable opportunities came my direction. There’s no way to quite pinpoint how thrilled and overwhelmed I am with the wonderful things happening in my life.

Monday. This time last year I checked my phone only to receive a heart breaking e-mail. The process of RA selection is both competitive and thorough. Being notified that I hadn’t moved on to the next level not only was difficult to process, but threw my life up into a whirlwind of chaos. But this year, I’m so pleased to say that isn’t the case. After checking my e-mail for what seemed like every two minutes, I finally received what I had been waiting so long to hear, “Congratulations we would like to offer you an individual interview!” While the process isn’t completely over, I’m one step closer to getting something I really would like.

Tuesday. One of the reasons I knew PLNU was the school for me was their opportunities in building experiences and getting connected. Every summer there are ministry internships offered for a student to work alongside a church. After not being able to accept this internship last summer, I was determined to do it now. Playing a role in the church will allow me to understand a pastor’s perspective and spread light to those around me. What excites me most is being able to use my experiences as a testimony to the youth in the church. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me with this position.

Wednesday. Wednesday night’s Kid University at church is just one of the many child related activities that I participate in. The month of February has been my first time being involved in this midweek event, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Seeing these children outside of church brings a whole new kind of environment. I’m able to make crafts, bake cookies, and just do something out of the ordinary Sunday schedule. Children are such fascinating creatures, and it’s my pleasure to spend time watching them grow.

Thursday. Democratic Republic of the Congo! With every weekly meeting the reality that I’ll be departing for Africa this July settles in me more and more. My excitement to serve, as well as the excitement of my team, prove to me that this will be an unforgettable trip. I’ve never done anything like serving on a missions trip before, but I can already note the ways that it will change my life.

Friday. Taking it back to the 20s at the Gatsby Gala. While this wasn’t necessarily a job opportunity or life changing experience, it was a chance for me to step away from the craziness of college life and have fun. We dressed in flapper attire, swing danced the night away, and the roof of the hotel even opened up for us to see a few stars. Point Loma might not have your typical college parties, but at Loma I’ve been taught what genuine fun is. Fun in it’s most raw form, fun that can’t be had with the assistance of alcohol, fun that leaves you with memories of unending laughter and craziness. So although the night ended, the memory that came with it is still pretty fantastic today.

Saturday. Of course I couldn’t have a week without the mention of traveling. Attending a Lessons From Abroad conference not only increased my desire to travel, but educated me on ways that I can teach abroad, study abroad again, or even develop a career abroad. My takeaway by the end of the day was that my traveling is far from over, because there are ways I can continue. From teaching English in Asian countries or doing an internship at a Child Development center in England, my opportunities to travel again have only broadened. It’s only a matter of time now.

Just like this post, last week was both long and full of opportunity. Life is so much more exciting with endless options.

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