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Point Loma Day 42.

Finding peace in solidarity is tough. Most personality tests would claim that I’m an introvert, and in most cases I would agree, but spending a whole day with very little human interaction isn’t very pleasant. Yet here I am still alive and quite satisfied with my day.

I lived up to my challenge and tried a new cafe. The wonders that come from yelp and google maps. I’m not one to enjoy coffee, but a chai tea filled that void. It was nice sitting by myself for a few hours reading, studying, and simply being quiet. I looked around a lot, fully observing the antiquity of this cute cafe. I eavesdropped on other people’s conversations trying to put a story with the words they were saying. And I also sipped from my mug trying to act as hip as I could. It was nice not having a friend, because I didn’t have to listen, didn’t have to talk, but simply had to breathe.

At one point being alone was lovely, but at the next I almost died from lack of social interaction. But I need days like this to recharge. A day where I don’t have to worry about impressing anyone else. Having a day alone helps you focus on the improvements you can make in your life, the goals yet to be set, and the parts of life that really matter. If I’ve learned anything about daily blogging, it’s that self reflection leads to a better self.

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