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Jesus, Thank You For Studying.

Dear heavenly Father,

Thank you for late nights filled with studying. Thank you for long hours in the library and extreme cramming. Lord thank you for tests, exams, and papers. Because of it I know that I am being blessed with an education.You have given me the opportunity to receive something that others would fight for. You brought me to a fantastic, incredible, amazing, loving, and rich university where I can thrive academically, spiritually, and socially. From my university, you have placed experiences and people in my life who have changed me and built me up. Right now I know you are molding me into a smarter disciple who will use what she’s learned so that I can build your kingdom in my future career field. Lord, at this time I pray for rest and strength. Rest to feel rested even when that’s what I lack most. Strength to stay focused and push past procrastination or laziness. Lord guide me to know what to write for a paper or what to answer for a test. Be with me in this time of stress and anxiety. Take away my worries and fill it with confidence. Lord thank you for my stressful week, and thank you for my education.

In Jesus’ wonderful name I pray,


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