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Barcelona Day 8.



What I’ve learned so far in my whole week of being here is that no walk in Barcelona is ever the same. With all the spare time I had today, I decided why not just walk to campus. No matter how far it was, I had plenty of time to get there anyways, and wow what a great decision that was! During my 30 minute walk to campus, I passed by the magnificent Sagrada Familia and was able to bask in its glory. It was so tall, it was so finely constructed, and everything about this building was amazing! Though I wasn’t able to go inside, it was still a great pleasure to know that whenever I walk to campus, I’ll be passing by this wonderful sight. Continuing on in my walk, I walked through a cute street purposely made so that no cars can drive by and only people can walk through it. From left to right there were small restaurants, quaint little boutiques, and new places that I just wanted to stop at each one of them. Finally arriving to the campus, I had plenty of time left to spare, so I sat outside in the courtyard reflecting at all the beautiful things I had just seen. The Sant Pau campus is truly a great sight on its own. I really don’t understand how it came to be a school, because honestly, it should be a museum. While I sat there and reflected, I thought about how life has taken me to some pretty beautiful places. From the gorgeous campus of Point Loma Nazarene University to the great city of Barcelona, I am so thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had and continue to receive. Realizing all of this is even more reason for me to be thankful and enjoy what is coming ahead! Adios!

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