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LoveWorks: Applying

LoveWorks= a program run through Point Loma Nazarene University where students can participate in summer missions programs with groups of students from the school.

I have never, ever participated in a missions program. The extent of my ministering in a foreign country is spending Saturdays in an orphanage in Tijuana playing with children. So I would hardly claim that I know anything about the missions field. But there I was, fully committed to applying for LoveWorks.

My life is lived through a set of checklists. The life checklist- college, career, marriage, children, the today checklist- eat, sleep, maybe study, and the college checklist- study abroad, do an internship, participate in LoveWorks. This isn’t to say that I’m only doing this to check it off the list, but that there will always be a deep will in me to take part. After studying abroad, I’ve learned that expanding your world view to understand other cultures is essential. I don’t want to be a person who forms my opinions and judgements only from a single story. Knowing more about things outside of my comfort zone has helped me form a wider perspective.

Along with checklists, there are a few Bible verses that are foundational to how I live life. The most influential lately being, Isaiah 6:8, “Then the Lord asked ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ and the servant replied, ‘Here I am. Send me!'” In everything I do, and in every opportunity that comes my way, I want to enthusiastically and willingly serve the Lord. I want to listen when he calls upon me, and I want to go out to do His good work amongst the people. LoveWorks gives me a chance to serve in God’s name to those in need who may not have the opportunity to learn about God otherwise. I’m both scared and excited to see what God has in store for me, but I trust in the journey he’s going to put me on.

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