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Jesus, Thank You For Bringing Me Here

Dear heavenly Father,

Thank you Lord for bringing me here.

You reached into the depths of my conflicted heart and you made me new. In my darkest of times, you brought light into my life and reminded me how immensely and unconditionally I am loved.

And now I’m here.

You guided me. You led me. And you showed me the way. I’m growing spiritually and academically at a university that you allowed me to attend. By your will, I’m thriving immensely at Point Loma. I have friends that encourage my faith. I studied abroad, and my trust in you grew so big it was too hard to hide. You called me and put a love of ministry into my heart. I love to serve you, and I live to glorify your name. Now I’m here. I’m not lucky, but infinitely blessed by you.

In Jesus’ wonderful name I pray,


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