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Hawaii Days 4- 5.

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For my entire life I’ve attended church and known what it’s like to be a part of a body of Christ. In high school I was in youth group, and now in college I volunteer for children’s ministry. But it isn’t until now that I truly feel what it’s like to have brothers and sisters in Christ.

God has brought me to an incredible church where strangers are aunties and uncles, and everyone greets you with a smile and a hug. This past week I’ve been able to get myself plugged into different ministry groups and meet fantastic, God loving people. I always boast about the Christian community at my school, but it is so comforting to know that a Christian community like that doesn’t only exist at a Christian school. From children’s ministry to youth ministry to young adults, I’ve appreciated every second that I’ve spent getting to know more about Christ and how to be Christ like. It’s only been a week since I arrived, but God has touched my heart in so many ways already.

Being here and working with the church is an opportunity for me to understand my role in ministry. God has placed a love for children in my heart and formed me to have the patience and willpower to teach them. I’ve never worked with children’s ministry full time, but now that I am I completely love it. I love being able to teach children about God and the infinite amount of love He has for them. I love seeing children grow in their faith and develop their own relationships with Him. So as this summer continues my hope is to learn more about what God has called me to do while serving at an incredible church.

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