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Hawaii Days 18-19.


June 7th and 8th.

I’m sorry mom and dad, but like I’ve said with every place I’ve visited so far, I’m not coming back home. It’s more than the warm sun and beautifully soft white sand that lures me into Hawaii, but it’s the unique island culture with it’s deep roots and relaxed vibe. There is so much beauty on the island. It amazes me as I drive on the highway, and I look out my window to see the tall, beautifully crafted mountains where nature flourishes and God’s creation is fully visible. More than physical beauty, it’s the way people smile instead of frown, rejoice instead of stress, and enjoy life at every given moment.

A few weeks in now and I’ve discovered the role I play here. Being able to fully dedicate my life to children’s ministry has been stressful, but worthwhile. It takes more effort than one thinks, but in the end it’s all worth it. Seeing children grow physically and in their walk with God makes my heart melt with pride and happiness. When they memorize a verse or volunteer to pray my heart leaps knowing that God is working in them. They learn from what I teach them, but I learn from what they have to teach me.

If I could, I would stay here. I would apply for a job at the school and fulfill my dreams of teaching preschool at a Christian school. Two of my favorite things are working with kids and teaching kids about God, so after spending a few weeks at the school and seeing how my two passions are intertwined just makes me want to stay even more. Everything I have planned for my future is here right in front of me. But no matter what I want, it’s always about what God wants. So I’ll continue to pray and ask God if what I’m doing here is something he wants me to do as a career. I’m going to pray that God’s path for me comes before anything I have for myself. I love Hawaii, and maybe one day God will bring me back here.

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