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Hawaii Day 35.

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Who needs a campsite when you have the beach? And who needs a tent when you have the sand to sleep on and the sound of waves all around you? Camping out at the beach in Kauai is an experience I’ll never forget. For starters, our group had the entire beach to ourselves! There was absolutely no one else. We swam in the water and watched the sun go down in front of us, and then we kept swimming even when it got dark.¬†For dinner we had enchiladas, and it was scrumptious. The rest of the night was spent singing songs around a campfire or gazing up at the hundreds of stars before us. Every bit of our camping trip was truly amazing.

If I could I would stay on retreat longer. I would keep exploring new territory, keep sleeping in until I please, and keep relaxing. Being away to step away from the hustle has been refreshing. It’s not that I dislike what I do or that I’m trying to run away from my responsibilities, but being able to step back from it all and remind myself how beautiful my surroundings are is a breath of fresh air. Sometimes routines get you so caught up that you focus your eyes only on your desk or your computer or your to do list, so when you have the time to step back, always take it.

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