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Hawaii Days 41- 44.

Days 41-44June 30 – July 3

It’s almost over. I was on the phone the other day with my dad when he started to get excited and say, “Only two more weeks until you’re home!” Then it hit me, I actually have to leave this place. Pretty soon I’ll be on a plane back to California, and I won’t be surrounded by beautiful beaches or beautiful mountains or beautiful God loving people. It sounds like the worst nightmare I could ever have, but let’s face it, I knew I couldn’t stay forever.

Ten weeks turned into two weeks awfully fast, and I don’t know where the time has gone. Yet it’s safe to say that none of that time was spent doing nothing. Every minute was either spent exploring or learning. Exploring new places and trying new things, or learning more about ministry and spending more time reflecting God’s light. The eight weeks I’ve been in Hawaii have felt like such a longer time. I’ve been able to invest in genuine relationships and grow infinitely more in my faith. Two more weeks seem like they will fly by faster than I can blink, but I know not a minute will be put to waste.

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