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Hawaii Day 61.

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Never before have I been as involved in ministry as I was this summer. My experience is limited to ministry on Sundays, where all I do is show up, read my packet, and say goodbye to the kids until I see them the next week. Being able to work alongside the children’s ministry pastor and direct firsthand all the events and activities happening was a deep pleasure. I loved helping and having the role I did. I loved speaking at chapel and watching as children lifted their hands in praise. I loved the stress and craziness of VBS, because in the end my heart jumped for joy whenever a child told me they had fun. For me, ministering 7 days a week was a privilege.

Looking back to the start of my internship I remember how nervous I was. All the kids had names that started with K and none of them were easy to pronounce. There were so many people on the church staff, and I didn’t know who was who. Now here I am at the end of it all, and I know each child by name. Here I am proud of how far I’ve come. I’ve directed VBS, I’ve taught Sunday school, and I’ve shared my testimony at youth group- all of which happened in the same week. I made it through ten weeks of madness with nothing but appreciation for what I was able to accomplish.

Now here I am at the end. At the end of our internship the church sends us off by having us come up, answer a few questions, then they finish by praying over us. Standing up on stage at church to say goodbye and looking at all the people who came up to pray over me overwhelmed my heart.  I never thought that what I was doing would touch so many lives, but I stood up there with people surrounding me and I hoped that it made God smile.

I live to glorify God’s name. In everything I do and everything I say I want it to reflect God’s amazing love. I strive to be the first person who jumps up and says God send me. I want to be a servant who enthusiastically and without a doubt will do whatever God has called her to do. So seeing people pray over me and hearing them say they want me to come back made me feel infinitely loved.

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