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Loveworks: Update #3

Hi friends!

Our time in Lubumbashi has been more than we expected. Our team is full of so much energy, which has only matched the love and energy of our hosts

On Monday, we started building the cornerstone of the church and played with LOTS of kids, as Pastor Celestin promised.

Tuesday, was spent at Pastor Celestin’s church partnering with their youth staff to play sports and other indoor games since the dust storm really picked up that day.

Wednesday, we visited a church 5 minutes down the road and learned what a hit balloon animals and jump ropes would be! The kids LOVED the team’s songs and dances and we were even gifted Congolese flags to bring home with us!

Thursday, we traveled to a nearby village and helped make a move bricks for their school. We also got a chance to water the Chinese cabbage garden which we were gifted a few bundles of. We fit a record 31 people in the van that night! We’ll keep you posted on more to come!

Meg: Nothing could have prepared me for this trip. From Hawaii to Africa, my heart is filled with love. Everywhere we go there are people singing and children waiting to play with us. My perception of the world has grown tremendously and everyday I’m learning to be more appreciative, more patient, and more kind. There are so many more stories to tell and pictures to share and I can’t wait to share my experience with you. Love you and miss you!

With infinite amounts of love,

Meg Alexandra

P.S. Tell Lynnie there aren’t any crocodiles.

*** All contents in this post were not created by Meg.

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